Update 2022

Wave partners up with the world's largest digital fan token provider Socios.com

Wave will develop several mobile games for Socios.com

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Amsterdam, Tuesday April 5th 2022 – Digital development agency Wave, part of United Playgrounds, has been appointed as the new game partner of the world's largest fan token provider for sports and entertainment Socios.com. In the coming year, the digital development agency will develop thirteen games, which will be available exclusively to fan token holders within the Socios app and will increase traffic and engagement of the app.

Max Rabinovitch, Chief Strategy Director Socios.com:

“Socios is the largest digital fan token provider in the world and our partnership with Wave is part of our commitment to deepen the fan engagement ecosystem available to our token holders. Our app now has over 1.3 Million of users, who own fan tokens from the 120+ affiliated sports teams from 27 different countries (including Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid, and Manchester City). In order to offer fans, even more, entertainment and exclusive features, we will be developing and launching various mobile games together with Wave in the coming year. We mainly use the games as a giveaway for the token holders so that they can win exclusive prizes, such as tickets from their favorite team. In addition, the games are also linked to our loyalty system within the Socios app and players earn XP and leaderboard points based on their performance to increase their fan-status. Wave’s expertise, allied to their focus on sports and fan engagement in particular, makes them the perfect game partner for us.”

Erik van Mourik, Head of Wave:

“Much like us, Socios are committed to improving global fan engagement in sports by leveraging the latest technology. There’s already a great degree of crossover in terms of our target audiences and vision, so this partnership is a great fit with really big potential. We have created various games for Socios, which they will launch in the Socios app in phases over the coming year. These are mainly hyper-casual games, such as a free kick game, a basketball shooter game, a fighting game, and a trivia concept. Some of these also have a multiplayer variant. In total, there are more than thirteen games on our roadmap to develop this year. The games drive traffic to the Socios app and increased fan engagement. In addition, we are also discussing a number of other gamification variants. The first game will launch in mid-April.” 


Socios is a global online platform that facilitates digital fan tokens (based on bitcoin technology) for the biggest sports teams in the world, such as Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, UFC, and UEFA. Fans who own a token receive a piece of digital “shareholding” from the sports club and exclusive rights, such as voting rights on certain topics within the club; for example, the style of the new away shirt. In this way, fans get actively involved in their sports club and it creates a new form of fan engagement. For the clubs themselves, it offers opportunities to build a relationship with their fans in a different way and a new business model. Socios is part of the Mediarex Group and has offices in, with a team of 220+ people, 120+ partners in 27 countries.